Pilates and men

Men often shy away from Pilates because it seems like a female-dominated practice. But in reality, many professional athletes use it to improve their overall performance.

Is Pilates useful for men?

Consider this: Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates. There is nothing specifically different about Pilates training for men .The Pilates method is the same for all. Men might find that their muscles are a little tighter than women's, especially in the hips and hamstrings, but exercises can be easily modified to allow those areas to stretch out gradually .Pilates offers a great workout, regardless of your gender.

Benefits of Pilates for men

  • Pilates builds strength and uniform development

Many men spend hours every week lifting weights, building-up the larger muscle groups. Pilates builds strength in every part of the body. Pilates focuses very specifically on muscles, ligaments and tendons to build strength and maintain flexibility, so necessary for ease of movement.

Pilates gets to the teeny-tiny stabilizers and otherwise neglected muscles that you didn't even realize needed attention, which in turn support your larger muscles.

  • Pilates increases flexibility

These days many of us are living a sedentary life. We don't move enough and that has a a serious impact on our health and longevity. Without flexibility we feel stiff and sore. Pilates is teaching people to maintain a flexible spine so the other parts of their body joints, tissues and ligaments can do their job.

  • Pilates improves posture and builds a strong core

Pilates corrects poor posture by strengthening the muscles that "lift" you up. Good posture is not just for your appearance , it's also for your health. When men first come to Pilates classes, they think it's slow. They're impatient for progress. And it's true. It can take time to undo the damage and neglect that's accumulated in your body over years. Over time, better posture and strong core strength will make all the difference.

  • Reduces back pain

Back pain, particularly pain in the lower back, is a problem for everybody. It's often due to jobs that involve sitting for hours at a time. : Pilates has proven to be just as effective as, if not more than, massage therapy for alleviating lower back pain, which seems to affect pretty much all of us (male and female) as we age.

  • Pilates helps prevent and repair injuries

Three of the main principles of Pilates are precision, centering, and control. One of the most common causes of injury is improper form . With Pilates, you are literally balancing your body and zeroing in on properly aligned skeletal and muscular structure. This will carry proper alignment through everything else you do. Pilates helps strengthen your body's structure and support weaknesses that may have developed over years of neglect. Through resistance exercises, it strengthens bones and builds muscles to prevent further injury. Since Pilates can be tailored to any level and for any injury, it makes a beautiful addition to a physical therapy program.

  • Breathe better

Pilates focuses on diaphragmic breathing, which oxygenates your muscles (and your entire body) so that they can perform better. Plus, deep, quality breath helps your heart with blood circulation, reduse stress, and increases overall mental clarity.

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